Ultra-Grip 4000
A premium two component high build epoxy primer with a proven track record of adhesion to surfaces exposed to moisture, such as bathtubs and tiles. The high build feature also acts as a leveler to help fill minor surface imperfections before top coating.

Quick-Prep 2000 Bonding Agent
A bonding agent used for repairs to porcelain. Also acts as a primer for wall tile applications and replaces the need to etch in these applications. Please Note: Australasian Refinishing Supplies does not recommend the use of anything other than epoxy primers and an etching process for bathtub refinishing.


Glass-Tech 9100 24 Hour Cure Coating
Acrylic urethane coating. A time proven fully cross linked system. Famous for its resin rich wear layer and durability, this coating is easy to apply and user friendly. Suitable for both tub and tile work.

Glass-Tech 9200 4 Hour Cure Coating
The best 4 hour cure topcoat coating on the market. Formulated from the original 9000 glass-tech family of coatings, easier to apply than so called mega cure coatings. With a far superior cure at the 4 hour mark, due to a blend of next generation curing agents, the gloss level difference in comparison with mega cure coatings is far superior. If you are currently using a mega cure 4 hour top coat and are not satisfied with its dry times, uniformity of gloss and ease of application, you need to try this material.

Glass-Tech 9300

A fully USA low voc compliant acrylic urethane that is designed for bathtub and ceramic top coating. Note: This product is available on special order only at present.

Isofree Plus Coating
This coating system is an isocyanate free acrylic polymer system formulated to offer refinishers a safer coating system that will also endure high moisture laden environments for extended periods of time. This coating out preforms ordinary isocyanate coatings by delivering exceptional dry times, film hardness, chemical and stain resistance.


Extra Strength Etch
A concentrated blend of several acid bearing compounds designed to break down the original glaze finish on porcelain and tile finishes.

Micro Clean Two-Step Surface Preparation System

Micro Clean is two-step system formulated specifically for the bathroom resurfacing industry.
Step one is a powerful blend of cleaners that use a chelating action technology to remove hard water ions during the scrubbing process. This action allows step one to loosen and remove soap scum, silicone, stains and hard water deposits on porcelain, ceramic and fiberglass surfaces.
Step two is a de-filmer that uses deep penetrating agents to remove residue, soap scum, silicone molecules and trace acids from other cleaners. Most importantly the treated surface is left porous and at a true neutral ph level. A must for effective primer adhesion.

Industrial Cleaner
Industrial Cleaner is a phosphoric acid based cleaner that contains a blend of surfactants to clean the most stubborn dirt. This is a concentrated cleaner. 1 gallon will make 4 gallons of heavy duty cleaner or 10 gallons for use as a general cleaner. Also ideal as a prewash for fiberglass surfaces to be refinished.

Surface Wash
This cleaner removes any residual moisture left from the etching process, leaving the surface to be coated free from contamination that can cause problems during and after the coating process.


Imitation stone flecks coating low voc. This coating duplicates the look of real stone. We stock the following 20 colours. At present any colours may be mixed to give a different look. In addition more colors are available by special order. Please visit for the full range.

Multi-Fleck Accents
Introducing our new range of Multi-Fleck Accents™. We currently have this range in 9 colours. In addition, we are able to access over 50 colours in this range by special order.

For larger charts:

Down Load Multispec Chart

Countercote 9500
Countercote is a system designed for bench tops or kitchen cabinet resurfacing and can be applied in a satin finish or an eggshell effect. It can also have a speckle effects added. This is an economical coating. Great for apartments and plain colour bench tops. Call for more details.

Isofree Plus Stonegard Satin and Semi Gloss
Isofree plus stonegard is a two component isocyanate free topcoat that delivers maximum protection for the stone-flecks system. It is the only isofree system that has been specifically designed for bench tops. Designed for maximum impact, resistance and durability, you can now offer a low voc stoneflecks system and an isofree topcote system. A very good sales tool.


Pro-fil is a polyester based filler made under vacuum to prevent pinholes. It is designed for maximum adhesion and flexibility with no brittleness, yet excellent impact resistance. (Try it, you will like it.)

Bio Zapp Odor Eliminator

Bio Zapp Odor Eliminator is a proven patented paint additive that has been tested with Hawk Coating Systems to greatly reduce odours associated with the resurfacing process. Used at recommended levels, Bio Zapp has no impact on Hawk Coating Systems other than to increase dry times very slightly. During the spray process Bio Zapp molecules attach themselves to the solvent and paint molecules, causing them to fall away undetected. Bio Zapp evaporates out of the paint film as the paint dries taking paint related odors with it. This product is invaluable when selling your services. 75-95 percent less smell will be a big advantage. This product is exclusive to Hawk in the bathtub resurfacing industry. (Note: Other similar products exist in the market place, only Bio Zapp is tested and approved for use with Hawk products. Use of other products may have a negative effect on our coatings. We will not supply this product to anyone other than Hawk Coatings users as we do not know if it is compatible with your current system.)

Fast Dry Additive for Stone-Flecks
This additive will greatly reduce dry times for stone-flecks enabling you to complete your bench top projects in one day. Call for details.

Repair Blender for 9000 Series Coatings
Great for blending repairs without the halo effect.

Used to eliminate orange peel and improve gloss levels. Very handy for those hot days when coatings dry a little to fast.

Quick Cure Accelerator
Used to speed up the dust dry times of the 9000 series coatings.

The Color-Shot System
We are pleased to announce that in early 2013 we will introduce a system that will allow colouring of our primers to suit our stone-flecks system, without having to keep full gallons on the shelf. This will allow you to have a true colour matched primer system, in a set of 4 ounce bottles, allowing you to tint 1 quart at a time, saving you time and money and making your stone-flecks coating go further. We will expand this range to some of our other coatings later next year.

Spray and Safety Equipment

We have a vast array of equipment available to us, including but not limited to:

  • Hawk Turbine and Spray Systems
  • Fresh Air Systems
  • Gloves
  • Full and Half Masks

With shipments coming from Hawk on a regular basis, we are able to supply anything they list and more. Please visit for a full list. If you are considering buying equipment you will be costing your self money by not asking us for a quote. You will find our prices can be up to 50 percent better than our competition and we will not compromise our quality on price.