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Mission Statement

Australasian Refinishing Supplies is dedicated to the principle of providing the highest quality, high performance refinishing coating systems for the professional refinishing industry.

We are dedicated to providing the most advanced coatings systems for refinishing bathtubs, ceramic tile, and bench-tops, as well as, coatings for kitchen cabinets, swimming pools and spas.

Also included are solutions for refinishing various substrates, which include, but are not limited to, porcelain, ceramic, fibreglass, acrylic, laminate, Corian, or cultured marble.

We will accomplish this goal, by and through, my dedication to the Australasian marketplace with the full assistance of Hawk Research Labs USA, in a professional manner deserving of our industry.

Who are Hawk Research Labs?

Hawk Research is a worldwide leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance bathtub and bench-top refinishing coating system in the United States.

Since 1978, Hawk Research has pioneered “cutting edge” refinishing technology and advanced field-testing. With more than 30 million applications performed worldwide, through an operating network of more than 4,000 refinishers, Hawk Research Labs is the most trusted and used refinishing system in the world. Their exacting standards for excellence is only second to their reputation for quality in our industry. Laboratory developed, field-tested, user-friendly products are the benchmarks of Hawk Labs.

All products that are developed by Hawk undergo years of testing before being released, as such, they are as perfect as can be made. In fact, all materials are batch coded and dated for quality and freshness and are packaged in fluorinated HDPE containers for longevity.

For more information about their complete line of refinishing products, please visit: www.hawklabs.com

Australasian Resurfacing Supplies – Who we are and what are our goals.

Australasian Resurfacing Supplies has been established to cater to the unique marketplace of the South Pacific, specifically Australia and New Zealand. Since 2003, the bathtub refinishing industry has grown substantially. In order to meet the needs of an ever-expanding marketplace, Australasian Resurfacing Supplies has partnered with Hawk Research to provide better access of products, technical assistance, and support.

With the opening of two new distribution facilities in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia, we can now economically supply refinishing materials to customers in a timely manner at reasonable prices. In addition, we can also provide real time support and technical assistance.

Having local distribution warehouses allows us to supply both large and small owner operators with great efficiency.

With fuel prices increasing, the cost of airfreight has skyrocketed in recent years making direct distribution to expensive and impractical. In addition, bulk order purchases, although less expensive, tie up valuable cash flow for small businesses. Thus, local warehousing can solve these issues by creating a mix of value and convenience.

No more expensive air freight bills, no more dealing with brokers and customs agents, no more long transit times or delays. We can provide quick and easy access to products at reasonable value oriented prices.

In addition, Australasian Resurfacing Supplies is a Hawk Research certified applicator and trainer. Thus, you can now receive expert training on the use of our products, which include cutting edge materials, without having to travel to the US.

You can also expect more market support through training seminars and workshops and continued support from Hawk Research Labs.

  • Highest Quality Refinishing Coatings – 30+ Years, millions of Applications
  • Market Specific Products and Services – Cutting Edge Field Tested Materials
  • Expert Technical Assistance – Hawk Certified Trainer
  • Fast Delivery Times – Melbourne and Auckland Distribution Facilities
  • Reasonable Material Pricing – No More Price Gouging
  • Local Training and Workshops – No need to travel to US for Training
  • Manufacturer Support – Seminars and Workshops

A Word About Free Market Enterprise

As many of our fellow refinishers know, there has been a phenomenon occurring in Australia to restrict the sale of goods and services to refinishers based on their affiliation or lack of affiliation with certain groups and organizations.

Whether based on group affiliation or on products purchased from a supplier, Australasian Resurfacing Supplies believes in a free market enterprise.

We value the spirit of competition and are against various types of market manipulation; as such, we pledge to provide professional service and access to goods and services to all customers without regard of affiliation.

All products sold will be sold without bias, with the exception of specific items that require the purchase of a complete systems (Liquid Quartz) or to temporarily limit orders when quantities are limited based on available and demand, we will sell to all professional refinishers.

A letter of introduction from owner Bert Heynen

My journey to become a distributor of professional bathtub refinishing developed from years of utter frustration and disappointment from the purchase of low quality products and even worse service. [wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"]

In 2003, I started my own bath chip repair business with the intention of providing a niche service that was in great demand. My goal, as all sole proprietors, was to provide a unique experience for my customers by providing them with a valuable service. After several years of perfecting my craft, I expanded into complete bathtub refinishing and thus became a full service company.

bert-heynenHowever, after 3 years of utter frustration and disappointments with products that did not perform as promised, and service, that was less than professional; I was about to give up thinking that there was any product that could deliver on its promise. Then, I was referred to a company in the US by fellow refinishers who put me in contact with Hawk Research Labs.

My initial experience with Hawk Research was fortuitous as I finally found a company that was capable of delivering on their promises. I experienced a level of product knowledge, expert technical assistance, competence, and products that were of the highest quality. It only took a week to receive my first order and I was amazed. I was just weeks away from giving up on my business and within a few short months (4 to be exact) I was able to turn my business around.

My experience with unprofessional suppliers and poor quality coatings taught me that I was not alone; there were literally hundreds of other refinishers in our industry that were experiencing the same problems. It was at that point that I felt inspired share my experience with other refinishers.

Eventually this led me to be an agent for Hawk in New Zealand. After almost two years of being their agent, I asked Hawk Research to expand and become their distributor for Australasia as well, hence, Australasian Resurfacing Supplies.

After two years of hard work and dedication, as well as, several trips to the United States for training, I am proud to be representing Hawk Research as their distributor. In addition, in 2013 I will become the first person to be an official Hawk Certified Trainer and Distributor with access to train on their Liquid Quartz system for bench-tops.

I personally believe that attaining factory certification is essential for the survival of our industry. Factory training provides a level of quality that is unmatched and is highly regarded by the public.

Alternative membership groups, which are usually operated by suppliers, do not offer the same level of quality and training that factory certified training provides. The end customer today wants security in knowing that they have made a proper decision to hire an expert, affiliations do not provide this, but factory training and certification does.

With factory certification there are no favourites being chosen, no false information being shared. Everyone who receives training is equal and the customer can be confident that they are receiving the very best materials and expert service, and therefore customers will pay more for your services knowing that they are using a factory trained refinisher.

My goal is help refinishers become successful. Stop being taken advantage of by ruthless suppliers who are only out for their own interests and not yours. Everyone deserves to make a profit which is fair, after all, that’s why were all in business, but profiteering and taking advantage of refinishers is not fair.

For this reason, Australasian Resurfacing Supplies has an open policy of posting our price list for everyone to see. We offer reasonable, value oriented pricing that is fair for everyone. We do not intend to start nationwide competitive resurfacing companies to compete against our customers. We encourage you to compare our quality, our service, and our pricing against any major supplier.

The reality is that the current distributors of refinishing coatings in Australia and New Zealand do not have your best interest at heart. Over the last few years there has been a decrease in competition, which has led to exorbitant prices for refinishing materials. In fact, most would agree that pricing has increased so much, it’s almost impossible to be profitable. My goal is to change that.

Our pricing is going to be set and regulated by Hawk Research Labs in the US. Therefore, our price increases will be dictated by price increases by our supplier or by currency fluctuations, which necessitate corrections. In general, our prices are about 20% percent lower than our competition and we hope to keep them there. You have our word – we will never, ever, price gouge.

The quality of our products has been proven and field-tested for over 34 years. Every product sold is quality checked and passed to meet exacting standards. In addition, we batch code all shipments to guarantee freshness and track materials.

All products are packaged in USA and are sold in factory packed containers. Some competitors repackage products locally, which can jeopardize quality.

We only sell factory made products; you have our word on it. If the label says made by Hawk in the USA, you get what you pay for, not excuses.

We are so confident in our products that we openly challenge you to find a better product, better quality, or better service, at a better price. How can we make such a promise? Because we already know there is no equal! However, you don’t have to believe me, just ask for a free sample kit and prove it to yourself.

So what does all of this mean to you, the sole proprietor, and the business owner? It means that the refinishing industry in Australasia is going to change dramatically. Together we can make it happen. For those of you who are willing to change and take advantage of what we have to offer, the future is yours.

“Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!”

Australasian Resurfacing Supplies


We realise that there are systems and franchises with written agreements as to particular material usage. We hold no animosity towards you whatsoever and welcome you with open arms to purchase any materials you cannot get or may need for special projects, and will be happy to help with anything else you may require.